It is said that on the day that Mr. Felix De Zoysa was born, his father has bought a printing press and installed it in Maradana. And then he has named it as “Felix Press”.  Later on, the business was taken over by his son, the young Mr. De Zoysa. With his business acumen in the printing industry, the company reached greater heights and established itself as the one of the leading printing companies in the country.

Established in 1910 Felix Printers Private Limited is one of the oldest and long standing companies in Sri Lankan printing industry.

Currently, the company is under the direction of Ms. Kumudini De Zoysa, one of the three shareholders of the group and Mr. Tarindra Kaluperuma, one of the grandchildren of Mr. Felix De Zoysa. The company has a staff of over 30 employees.

Felix Printers operates in a facility equipped with the latest printing machinery. Combining modern and conventional technology to cater to all types of printing needs such as packaging, posters, educational material and banners etc.